Our story

Three people, Brussels and the love of food. Those are the basic ingredients behind Atrio. A trio of one Italian and two Finns.

Monks, friends and great food

The story begins in Orria, in the Italian countryside some time ago. Our chef Pino grew up in the family farm surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and a vegetable garden and fell early in the cooking pot.

Father sent Pino to the Vatican to cook for the monks. One day the young man got fired for having a little more than a platonic romance with a lady. Pino did a runner, took the train to Paris and began working in restaurants to learn the tricks of the French cuisine. Years later he moved to Brussels to cook great food without boundaries.

One day he met two Finns, Sami & Henri who believe that stomach full of great food leads to better decisions, better friendships and better people. They decided to open a restaurant in the heart of Brussels EU quartier. And the result was Atrio.

Interested in working with us?

We are always interested in new talents. Contact us if you are a waiter/waitress passionate about delivering the best customer service in Brussels or a chef born to work in a creative kitchen.