Our food & drink

All the food and drinks we offer have one thing in common: they are carefully chosen and the best in their league. Above all, they taste great. Ask us more about our food and drinks, we would be happy to tell their story.

Our food

Atrio's Italian chef grew up in Orria, in the Italian countryside surrounded by great ingredients. He learned to celebrate the best that land and sea has to offer. You can taste it in our food. His brother supplies Atrio with olive oil from Orria and we use only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Our restaurant's speciality is the mouth wateringly delicious traditional Finnish hot-smoked salmon. Salmon is hot-smoked in our in-house Finnish smoker. We offer also other Finnish delicacies such as reindeer and wild berries.

To accompany your drink we have an irrestably tasty snacks & dessert menu.

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Our drinks

In our beer selection 1000 years of Belgian beer making meets the new craft beer revolution. Plus, from our menu you'll find some of the legendary Finnish specialities such as "Lonkero" and "Jallu" and the award winning Helsinki GIN.

Our wines & bubbles have been carefully chosen to complement the food and it's Italian heritage. And our GTs and cocktails are served, as they should be.

Atrio's coffee is one of the smoothest and richest you'll find in Brussels - and also available to take away.

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